About Aire Design


Aire Design started off by accident, like most great things to do. I built my first shop and, don’t laugh, it took me a whole year just to get it up and running. Only to find out that my target market was able to get my products for over 50% cheaper by going straight to the manufacturers on AliBaba.com, ouch! So, frustrated and facing my first failure, I decided to move to a new country.

I arrived in Spain, with no idea what I was going to do next. Thanks to serendipity, I made friends with a restaurateur on Spain’s Costa Blanca. After getting to know her over several months, she confided in me that her restaurant wasn’t as successful as she wished and she was looking to get into a new venture.

She then asked, what were my intentions here in Spain? What had I come here to do, what did I have planned? I recounted my previous experience with building my e-commerce business, selling items online, violins and all. And that’s when the magic happened, she asked if I could build her a Shopify site to sell her restaurant’s wines. She said they had been a great hit with the local community but she was looking to expand her market internationally. Since I had come from abroad, she thought I would naturally have the expertise to do it. (Sometimes it takes someone else to believe in us, to believe in ourselves.)

Using my prior experience, I dived right in and began building her E-Commerce site to reach international customers. I even went to her restaurant and took pictures of all the bottles of wine and jotted down all the product descriptions, and began my work. I loved it, I felt alive after months of self-imposed recluse. I finished the site in less than a week! Finally, all the things that I had learned in the year prior had a perfect purpose. I was able to execute my vision for her E-Commerce site in no time, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I knew then, I could do the same for other people.

The best part was when I revealed the site to my friend, her family was also there and the big moment had arrived. I directed them to the site and everyone’s jaws just dropped open. Next, I heard a flurry of, “wow, it’s perfect!” “How did you do this?” “This is her wine?!” (In Spanish, of course).

At that moment, I felt both proud and humbled by my experience. It took a major failure in my own enterprise to help me find what I really was good at after all. And so, Aire Design was born.

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