Copywriting Services by Aire Design

Copywriting Services by Aire Design

What is Copywriting?

“Copywriting is sales-driven written descriptions for your products/services. It’s a short term-term tactic motivating sales.”– Aireca Jose, Aire Design’s Creative Strategist

Your website is set to launch, your products are ready to ship, your services are structured & organized. Now it’s time to write copy. But where do you start? How does compelling copy inspire your audience to take action?The best time for seeking out copywriting services is after you’ve developed your products & services and before you go to market.

Convey your products’/services’ benefits for your customers. Copywriting is excellent for invoking emotional sentiment towards your products/services. How you feel about a product determines if you’ll purchase the product or not.

This is NOT the space for dull, dry or worse yet, technical manufacturers’ descriptions.

When to use copywriting services & how often?

Copywriting is an on-going project. As your products/services offering increases so will your need for copywriting. More importantly, copywriting is the foundation of an effective content marketing strategy.

Ways to use copywriting: Blogs, Product Descriptions, Social Media, and more.

The best places for your copy are on your blogs, your home & about page, product/service descriptions, social media platforms, etc.

Reach your target audience with how-tos, reviews, demos, storytelling, eBooks, case studies, whitepapers.

10 Ways to Repurpose an Article:



  1. Short social media snippets, leading traffic to your site.
  2. Presenting the material, or sharing on networks like (Repurposed article made into a slide deck shared on SlideShare, a subsidiary of LinkedIn) Boost your business profile & credibility.
  3. Use as an educational/informative tool. Set yourself apart as a thought-leader in your industry.
  4. Used in email marketing, engage with your audience.
  5. On a landing page, capture emails in exchange for valuable content.
  6. As a script for a video, a simple voice-over, and voila! You’ve made a video! (Repurposed article used as a slide deck on YouTube)
  7. As a script for a podcast, stay on point and informative at the same time.
  8. An entertaining Infographic!
  9. Press Release of your newsworthy product or service.
  10. Interactive Content: Create Polls, Surveys, Quizzes Comments & more!

*Original Article written by Aireca Jose of Aire Design

How do you benefit from copywriting services?

Copywriting gives your customers an incentive to buy. With strong copy, your audience is prompted by a clear call to action. Clarify what you offer with effective copywriting.

“Skillfully crafted copy comes second, only to impressive photography.”– Aireca Jose

Human Copywriting + SEO = Higher Conversion

Aire Design crafts copy meant for human reading. The point of copywriting is convincing & converting your audience into purchasing. If your audience finds your site due to good SEO, then they’ll browse longer with great copy. While SEO ranking is important, it should increase your customer’s understanding of what’s conveyed.

Need My Help?

Aire Design’s Content Marketing Service includes content developed in collaboration with the client. Best practices dictate a minimum of 2 new pieces of content per week. Examples of content include: eBooks, blog posts, videos, lookbooks, podcasts, recipes, graphics, advice columns, opinion pieces/insights & more!

Schedule your Complimentary 17-Minute Discovery Session now.



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