9 Steps to Creating an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy.

Think you have to post on every social media network to get noticed, right?


I’ll reveal why your current social media marketing strategy isn’t as effective as you think it is and how to use social media to reach your target audience.

There are over 15 popular social media networks in the world. Yikes!

Besides the daunting challenge of choosing which network to distribute your content on, there’s the obstacle of how to stand out on each social media network.

You see, each network is best suited to a particular type of content. For example, Youtube is suited to visual-motion content, Twitter to super-short content, Instagram to photo-graphic content…you get the picture?

Next, there are the audiences. This is why social media gains all its hype. The top three platforms are Facebook boasting over 1.8 BILLION users! Youtube = 1 Billion, and Instagram with over 600 Million. Surely, you should be marketing on all of these platforms!?

The assumption of social media as a cure-all for your content marketing strategy is a big mistake!

Let’s compare social media to the television broadcasting of days gone by.

There are millions(& billions) of people who have their televisions turned on (in this case, their devices).

  • Are they subscribed to your network (social media network)?
  • Are they watching your channel (channel, group, friendslist)?
  • Are they paying attention when your ad comes on (hello, Adblocker!)?
  • Are they using a DVR to see only the programs they want (customized feeds)?

Sure, these networks have huge audiences. But, naturally, these audiences self-segment into smaller target audiences.

So, your goal on social media is to either appeal to an existing target audience. Or, produce content attracting your target audience.

If you create a social media marketing strategy from your target audience’s perspective, then, you’ll produce content they’ll find relevant and engaging.

“A social media marketing strategy isn’t only savvy, it’s neccessary .” –Aireca Jose

Here are 9 Steps to creating a social media marketing strategy, that works!

These steps put you back in control of your content, instead of dropping it on the networks and hoping it goes viral.

  1. Identify your target audience.
  2. Identify their consumption patterns & preferences.
  3. Identify the network they use the most.
  4. Identify when they use this (1) network.
  5. Generate ideas from the type of content they engage with now.
  6. Create that type of content.
  7. Schedule the content at the highest times of engagement.
  8. Distribute the content on the most relevant social media network.
  9. Repurpose the content for reuse!

Once you’ve developed your strategy, keep improving! It likely won’t be perfect the first time. No problem. At least, you’ll be doing better than your competitors!

Want Aire Design to develop a social media marketing strategy for your online business?

You’ll receive:

  1. Tailored research defining your target audience.
  2. Know which social media network is best suited for your target audience.
  3. Find out which type of content your target audience engages with now.

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