Visual Designers Network Application at Toptal, by Aireca Jose of Aire Design, a Content Marketing Consultancy

“I wasn’t born a designer, I became one.”- Aireca Jose, Visual Designer


What is Design?

Design is one of those elusive, mystical terms that inspires both awe and contempt. Even the greatest mystery of life, questions whether we were “Intelligently Designed” or emerged from a primordial soup. While this essay isn’t theological in nature, design is sacred. (Defending Intelligent Design, by PBS)

Design implies purpose. Being a designer requires our designs are useful. It isn’t about designing something pretty (A Rant Against Pretty Designs by MIKLOS PHILIPS). In the case of visual design, the purpose is bringing harmony, balance, and structure to a product, enhancing its usability.

Clients seek design because they want their products to visually demonstrate their purpose. It isn’t enough to function well, it must possess visual appeal.

Why is Visual Design Important?

While design, in general, has gained notability in the past few decades. Visual Design is an emergent field. As our lives become filled with more screen time, the content we consume requires visual interest to keep us engaged.

Clients understand the importance of integrating visuals into their products. They know visual design is what sets their product apart from their competitors. However, clients simply can’t entrust their businesses to mass freelancing marketplaces (1-Star Client review of the leading freelance marketplace).

With the proliferation of “digital sweatshops“, clients seek highly trained, reliable talent who also understand their audience’s visual culture.

For instance, the nuance of choosing one color over another has a significant impact on messaging. Without the thorough design screening conducted by Toptal, clients could face humiliation in front of their stakeholders, partners & customers from a simple oversight of color (Cultural Meanings of Color).

Toptal refines the delivery of visual design services by preening the marketplace (Toptal only hires the top 3% of applicants). It ensures clients & designers are properly screened and matched to deliver optimal results.

How Would I Add Value to Toptal’s Visual Designers Network?

Over the past 5 years, I’ve designed original, visual content including infographics, online magazines, slide decks, content writing, social media marketing and emails/newsletters marketing.


X & O Hair E-Zine
Online Magazine, Visual Design by Aireca Jose


My design aesthetic is minimalist with a strong emphasis placed on understandability & usefulness for the end-user.

My value lies in my ability to understand clients and translate their messages into visual communications their audiences find relatable.

Ultimately, my goal is providing clients with striking visual design, unparalleled reliability and impeccable communications, worthy of Toptal’s reputation.



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