5 Compelling Ways Labeling & Packaging Design Impacts Your Success as an Online Business .

Packaging & Labeling Design by Aire Design

In this article, you’ll learn 5 compelling reasons packaging & labeling design affects your success as an E-Commerce Business.

What is packaging & labeling design?


Packaging & Labeling design is centered on the visual and physical marketability of your products. Unboxing is officially a trend in e-commerce. Hiring a social media influencer to demonstrate well-designed product packaging leads to unrivaled exposure amongst your core audience.


Packaging presentation raises your brand’s market value. If your packaging is impressive, it’s going to get shared & liked amongst your audience’s social circle on & offline.

Brand Recognition:

When customers can recognize your brand, they’re more likely to remain loyal. That’s repeat business. Your packaging & labeling design is an excellent opportunity to communicate your brand values in addition to your product’s presentation. A recognizable brand is one that is top of mind whenever a customer thinks of your products.

Customer Experience:

Surpassing customer expectations is a requirement for e-commerce success. Customer experience is the leading cause of satisfaction with your brand. Thoughtful packaging design increases your products’ sentimental value. When your product is well presented, your customers experience positive emotions and will associate your brand with positive memories. Positive association is the capstone of brand affinity.

Brand Positioning, Pricing & Profitability:

Elevated Packaging & labeling design positions your brand as high-end. High-end positioning allows you to command a higher retail price for your products. Stellar packaging & labeling is the difference between mediocre & extraordinary brands that command higher pricing.

It’s easy to understand this perspective as a consumer of other brand products. Below we’ll go over each perspective in more depth.

1) Marketability

Packaging design impacts your marketing strategy. With opportunities in social media influencer advertising, it would be a mistake not to have extraordinary packaging. “Unboxing” has officially entered the Oxford Dictionary. “Unboxing refers to the practice of photographing or recording oneself while opening a new product out of its original packaging to showcase the contents as well as the recipient’s first impression of the product.” (Source)

See: YouTube “Unboxing” Video with 6M+ Views

Packaging & Labeling Design Service for Shopify makes every purchase a holiday for your customers.

2) Presentation

Although there are seemingly infinite options for packaging & labeling, your packaging does not need to be complicated. Packaging that is paired with a unique visual design along with your brand colors & logo are enough to raise your brand above your competition. (Source)

Packaging design takes into account the psychological effects of color and styling on your customers. Colour can have a positive influence on your customer’s senses. For example, consider the reception of a bright yellow package vs a dark blue package. One is playful & colorful, the other is calm & subdued. Color choices should be used to compliment your product as part of your branding strategy. Additionally, smart packaging design offers versatility to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes.

3) Brand Recognition

Solid packaging design provides your customers with a cohesive branding experience. For instance, does your brand represent elegance & modernity? Then demonstrate these qualities with elegant & modern packaging. Ignoring this opportunity is equal to neglecting your customer’s expectations of your brand. (Source)

Another consideration is what to include in your packaging. Thank you cards are now standard in the high-end product sector. However, maybe your brand is more whimsical and playful in nature. The inclusion of thoughtful corporate collateral your customers can use in a variety of settings is a savvy, inexpensive way of increasing brand recognition amongst their social group.

You may want to include complementary information such as a branded product care guide, a lookbook with your products in use, recipe cards that pair well with your products, or a “promo code” for a future purchase that encourages your customer to return to your Shopify.

4) Customer Experience

As a Shopify merchant, it is crucial to keep in mind, product packaging is the first physical touch point of your brand for your customers. Imagine, their anticipation in waiting to receive your package is met with delight. Capture the power of this moment to leave a lasting impression that leads to referrals and repeat purchases. (Source)

Packaging Design uses the following customer demographics:

• Age
• Gender
• Locality/Regionality
• Household Income
• Education Level
• Languages Spoken
• Accessibility Requirements

Here is one moment where the valuable data collected from an Aire Design Customer Research Campaign delivers its ROI in spades.

“…competing effectively means going above and beyond to impress customers and exceed their expectations by delivering more than just a product, but also an experience.” (Source)

5) Brand Positioning

Avoid the embarrassing mistake of sending a high-end product in “cheap” cardboard box, vs a custom designed package with a handwritten thank-you note enclosed on your company branded postcard. The former makes you seem thoughtless at best, yet the latter makes your brand seem sophisticated, making the client feel special with your personal touch. (Source)

Higher retail price for your products translates into higher profit margins. Higher profit margins are instrumental to business sustainability & longevity.

6) *Bonus, Cost Reductions

Intelligent Packaging design isn’t only used for aesthetic reasons, although its value in that area is phenomenal. There are practical benefits to designing appropriate packaging as well. Custom designed packaging is not about being overly-complicated. “Streamlined packaging reduces storage & shipping costs.” (Source)

Finally, consider providing complimentary shipping to orders over a certain threshold. This tactic allows you to offset the expense of packaging & shipping, offering a convenient reward to your customer based on their shopping behavior.

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