Companies with an active blog report 97% more leads (Source). Are you producing lead generating content?


1. Content Marketing Engages Your Existing & Potential Target Audience

The most important consideration is your audience. I suggest a clear understanding of who uses your products/services. Communicate specifically to them. If your target audience is doctors (ex. medical sales), use medical terms they’d be familiar with. Likewise, it’d also be logical to write at a college graduate level. In contrast, if your audience is teenagers (video game sales), it makes sense to communicate lots of images and use a down-to-earth tone, while addressing them. (Resource: Reading Level Tool)

content-marketingGreat content clearly communicates your brand’s identity. It’s crucial to align your brand’s identity with your target audience’s identity. If your audience can relate to your content, they’re more likely to find your product or service suitable to their needs.

Think of content as a representation of your voice, your brand identity, and your company’s values. The type of content you produce defines your audience’s identity.”– Airéca Jose, Creative Director, Aire Design

Go where your audience is.

If you produce video content distributed on YouTube, then you’re only going to attract the portion of your audience who visit YouTube. In other words, you have to produce your content via the channels your target audience will access. One of my favorite  Business Mentors, Patrick Bet-David, details the best social networks suited for your type of content & target audience. I think you’ll find his video & explanation  useful in the first 5 minutes. (Resource: How to Stand Out on Social Media as an Entrepreneur)

2. Content Marketing Establishes Your Brand as an Expert in Your Niche

people-learnWell presented content, serves a dual purpose. First you establish your credibility as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) on your products/services. Second, you become a trusted resource to your audience. A resource they’ll likely return to when they’re ready to make their purchase.

To make a greater impression with your target audience, add relevant resources & links to other trusted experts in your industry. This act demonstrates your transparency & helpfulness to your audience. It also proves that your perspective is reliable and well-informed.

“Once you find your own voice, your audience will hear you, loud & clear.”– Airéca Jose

3. Content Marketing Increases Conversions on Your Site

Before you go on thinking content marketing is the Holy Grail you’ve been searching for, think again.  It isn’t a license to shamelessly promote your brand,  products and services. Exceptional content requires thought, time, energy, and money to capture  your audience’s attention.

“Content marketing is NOT like advertising.” (Source).

Content marketing is a long-term strategy. Your content needs to be planned as much as possible. This way, if your audience scrolls through your content archives, your messaging is coherent. (Resource: Content Production Schedule, by Aire Design)

Screen Shot 2017-02-12 at 9.49.21 PM.png


Some medium and large or size companies have an entire department dedicated to creating, developing & designing their content. However, when done right, content marketing is worth the effort.

“Content marketing is often no[t] faster, cheaper […] than other marketing techniques. However, its greater power lies in its ability to produce a better customer, a more loyal customer, or a customer more willing to share his or her story with others – which compounds the value he or she provides to the business.” (Source)

Ultimately, the purpose of producing content is to educate your audience on your product, your industry, trends & predictions, and how it all impacts them. Sales are simply a by-product of producing valuable, relevant content. There are rewards for producing valuable, relevant content: audience engagement, expert credibility & of course, higher conversions.

Bonus: Producing Valuable, Relevant Content isn’t as difficult as it seems. Here’s my formula for writing high-value content:


This formula is a baseline for writing brief, yet cohesive content for your audience. Present your content in a way that’s engaging & informative. It’s also beneficial to address the different learning styles your audience has.

Need My Help?

Aire Design’s Content Marketing Service includes content developed in collaboration with the client. Best practices dictate a minimum of 2 new pieces of content per week. Examples of content include: eBooks, blog posts, videos, look-books, podcasts, recipes, graphics, advice columns, opinion pieces/insights & more!

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